What Is an Executive Management Role?

what is an executive management role

What is an Executive Management role? What skills and qualities do they must possess? To know more about these, just keep on reading the article until the end.

What Is an Executive Management Role?

An executive management role would be an important role in any business. It is the one who is responsible for the whole business. For the success of a business, they are the ones to lead their team members. 

So, what are their responsibilities in an organization? Well, just like their title says, they are the ones who manage or oversee all the business activities. That is why they are also called management or supervisor roles.

For them to manage everything in a company, they must have a wide range of skills and qualities. Most of these skills are hard to learn and master but a few of them can be learned by anybody at any time.

Executive Management Role Skills and Qualities

Here are some of the things that they must have:


As the leader of a company, he or she must be able to lead their team members. They must have leadership skills and know-how to lead. Even if they are not the president or CEO of the company, they act as their leaders. They must also set an example for their team members by showing them how to work.


Most of their time is spent communicating with the people in their organization, among them are the clients, suppliers, auditors, and other people like that. They must be good at communicating with these people so they will be able to ask questions and get answers from them. They should have good listening skills as well as writing and speaking skills.

Organizational Skills 

This skill is all about planning and systematically organizing things. A person who has this skill can organize everything into categories so it will be easier for them to get what they need in a fast way without making any mistakes.

Problem Solving Skills 

Handling any kind of problem is part of their job description. They must have problem-solving skills so they can use them whenever there is a problem to solve. They should also know how to prioritize things in a way that will not affect the company’s overall situation.

Decision Making Skills 

Every decision that they make is important especially if it involves other people’s lives. Therefore, they must have good decision-making skills and know-how to make decisions that will affect other people but still benefit the company at the same time.

What Are Their Duties?

Aside from having a wide range of skills and qualities, an executive management role also has a lot of duties that they must perform every day for their company to go further in business. Some of these duties are listed below:

Setting Goals  

When setting goals for the company, he or she should always put the interests of their employees first before anything else because they are the main reason why you have your own business today. Aside from that, it is also important to follow your goals as well because it will guide you through every step that you do every day for your business to succeed in the end. 

Making Plans

You must make plans for your company every year. Set a plan for the whole year and it should be broken down into smaller parts for each month. These plans will guide you in your daily activities to help you reach your goals for that specific period.

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