Executive Management Skills and Qualities

executive management skills

What are the Executive Management skills and qualities one should possess? To know more about these, just keep on reading the article until the end. 

An Overview

Earlier, the role of the manager was just to manage the employees and not much more than that. Times have changed now. The roles of managers have evolved into that of an executive, who is responsible for overseeing the functioning of an organization. It is also responsible for ensuring that the company’s performance is at its best. It is responsible for ensuring that the company maintains a good reputation among its clients and other stakeholders. 

The manager should be able to perform all these functions while keeping in mind that he must always be fair with his employees. The executive should also ensure that he has a good relationship with other stakeholders too. These may include suppliers, distributors, banks, etc.

The manager should always act in his organization’s best interests and should be ready to make decisions that he thinks are best in the long run. This is a very challenging role. To do this job well, one needs to possess very good skills.

The Executive Management Skills

In this section, we list out the skills one should have to become a good executive or manager. 

Decision Making

The manager must be able to make decisions based on the facts before him. He should be able to decide whether a certain decision is going to be beneficial for the company or not. The executive should always make informed decisions. This will help him in making sure that he can meet his goals and objectives. 

Communication Skills

Communication skills are very important. The manager must understand that his employees will not perform well if he does not communicate his expectations to them. He should also be able to listen to his employees’ feedback and suggestions. Communication skills play a very important role in coordinating with other departments and other stakeholders too. 

Critical Thinking Skills

The executive or manager must have excellent critical thinking skills. He needs to understand that several factors affect the performance of his organization, so he needs to keep an eye on all these factors at all times. 

Leadership Skills

The manager is responsible for leading his employees so they can achieve their organizational goals successfully. The manager must have excellent leadership skills so that he can motivate his people, inspire them to work hard, come up with new ideas for improvement, etc. 

Negotiation Skills

The executive is expected to negotiate with suppliers, distributors, etc., so he needs to possess good negotiation skills. He must be able to negotiate the best price with the suppliers while ensuring that he does not compromise on quality too much.

Planning and Organizing

The manager must be able to plan well to achieve his organizational goals. He should develop realistic plans and he should be able to organize the resources most efficiently. The manager must be able to plan for the long term, while also taking into account the short-term goals. 

Planning and organizing skills are very important in an organization, so much so that these skills are considered as the foundations of every successful organization.

To Conclude

The manager must possess all these qualities to become a successful manager. There are many other skills too, which can help the manager in his job, but the ones listed above are the most important.

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