Is the Executive Director the Same as Vp?

Is the Executive Director the Same as Vp

Is the Executive Director the same as Vp? There is a lot of confusion about the difference between the executive director and the vice president. 

Many think that they are the same. Well, we will tell you that they are quite different and that each one has its unique role to play in a company.

We will show you how each one of these is different from one another while also showing you what their duties are in a company.

What’s the Same?

To begin, let’s talk about what’s the same about these two roles. Both have some common traits. 

What are these? Well, both have some authority over the company they work in. Both have some managerial duties to do so, too.

The executive director also has some managerial duties to do. But it is really up to the board of directors on how much power they want to give them or how much responsibility they want to give them. 

For example, it could be that they are just overseeing all of the directors/managers of the company. They do not necessarily have any power over them at all.

On the other hand, this can be reversed for a vice president position. The vice president may not have any managerial duties but instead may just be helping out with the management duties of other directors/managers in their company.

But mainly what’s the same is that both are managerial roles where they are both managing different people within their organization. Even overseeing different departments within their organization.

What’s Different?

Now let’s talk about what’s different about these two positions in a company. 

To begin, let’s talk about what exactly is an executive director versus what an executive vice president is in a company. 

An executive director is someone who oversees all of the directors in a company. Also, make sure that they are doing everything correctly and correctly reporting up to him or her. For they can report up to his or her bosses who keep him or her accountable for everything he or she does within his department in his company.

When it comes to an executive vice president, he or she does not necessarily oversee all of the directors in a company (although some do). But instead oversees many different departments in an organization instead of overseeing individuals like an executive director does. 

They tend to be the ones who are go-to people for anything that goes on within their departments. They do not necessarily report to anyone but instead report directly to the CEO of the company.

Conclusion: Is the Executive Director the Same as Vp?

We have talked about some of the main differences between these two roles. But there are certainly more out there. 

But, these are certainly some of the major ones that you should know before you apply for one of these roles in a company.

Hopefully, this helps you out as you go along your journey as a business professional trying to find the right job for you.

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