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executive director or vp
Executive Director or VP position caused confusion of which one is higher in a company. With that, this section will explain which one is higher. Also, what are the differences between the two? Which One Is Higher? The Executive Director is higher than the VP. The reason is that the highest rank in a company […]
executive director vp skills and qualities
Executive Director VP does an important part in an organization. But what are the skills and qualities they have to stay and fit for the job? Take a look at this article and know more. What is an Executive Director VP? An Executive Director is an individual, who is hired by the company’s board of […]
Is the Executive Director the Same as Vp
Is the Executive Director the same as Vp? There is a lot of confusion about the difference between the executive director and the vice president.  Many think that they are the same. Well, we will tell you that they are quite different and that each one has its unique role to play in a company. […]