What Are the Duties of an Executive Vice President?

what are the duties of an executive vice president

This article will let you know what are the duties of an Executive Vice President. It will help you to understand their important role in a company. 

We will also discuss how they reach their position as an Executive Vice President. 


Executives are employed by a company. They are at the top of the company hierarchy. They provide direction to subordinates. Also, they have a substantial impact on a company’s success or failure. 

In general, executives are responsible for setting strategies and making decisions that impact an organization’s performance.

Some techniques can help you improve your career as an executive. You should focus on helping your company grow and achieving its goals. You should also help employees improve their performance and productivity. 

The Executive Vice President is among the top positions in an organization. 

The position is held by managers who have extensive experience in business and finance. Many of them have doctorate degrees and MBAs from prestigious universities. Such as Harvard Business School, Stanford University, and Yale University. 

These professionals usually have decades of experience in various industries. Such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, transportation, energy, technology, retail, and telecommunications

Executive Vice Presidents usually work in private companies. Like in banks and hospitals or public companies such as Exxon Mobil or Apple Inc. You can also work for government agencies such as NASA or Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

What Are the Duties of an Executive Vice President?

The duties of an Executive Vice President vary depending on their industry and where they work (private versus public versus government). However, all executive vice presidents perform similar job functions which include: 

  • Helping executives make decisions that affect their department’s activities;
  • Ensuring that they meet their financial goals;
  • Evaluating their employees’ performance;
  • Leading sessions during budget planning;
  • Establishing long-term strategies;
  • Working with other executives to solve long-term problems;
  • Reviewing reports submitted by subordinates;
  • Setting short-term goals;
  • Teaching new employees how to do their job properly;
  • Providing training to management teams;
  • Updating existing policies; and more.

How Do You Become an Executive Vice President?

In this section, we will discuss how you can become an executive vice president. 

As mentioned earlier, those who become executive vice presidents have been working in the field for many years. As a result, they have the necessary experience and education to fill these positions.

Typically, an executive vice president has a bachelor’s degree in business administration (BBA), finance, or accounting. You can also study for an MBA or doctoral degree to gain more hands-on experience and knowledge to advance your career. 

To become an executive vice president, you should develop expertise in your field of work. Also, you should take courses on management and leadership. Such as the MBA and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs offered at many universities. 

You can also work as a consultant or an assistant to a senior manager. This can help you acquire experience and knowledge that can help you in your career as an executive. 

You should also participate in training programs to enhance your skills and abilities. This by participating in conferences and seminars. You can sign up for online courses and learn from industry experts. You can also read books and journals on business, finance, and leadership.


That brings us to the end of this article about the duties of an executive vice president. I hope this article helps you understand the position better. 

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