Executive Vp of Sales Job Description

executive vp of sales job description

A lot were trying to find out about the Executive Vp of Sales job description. Especially those aiming for such a job title

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Introduction about Executive Vp of Sales Job Description

In a business, there are a lot of positions that a company needs to accomplish daily tasks. And one of them is the Executive Vp of Sales. As the title suggests, this position is for those who used to be the Vice President of Sales. Or those with a similar position that requires a higher level of authority.

In general terms, the executive VP of sales is responsible for managing and developing the sales department of the company. In other words, they are responsible for effectively converting leads into customers or revenue.

On this page, we will discuss more the Executive Vp of Sales job description so you will have an idea if you’re qualified for it or not. 

What Does an Executive Vp of Sales Do?

As we have mentioned above, an Executive Vp of Sales is managing and developing the sales department of a firm. They oversee all the sales processes. As well as staff and other sales personnel. Below are all their responsibilities:

1 – Developing and implementing strategic plans on sales goals

This includes setting sales goals and objectives as well as strategies on how to achieve them. They also make sure that all sales personnel are aware of what they need to do and how they need to do it. 

Moreover, they also track their progress and make necessary changes or adjustments when necessary.

2 – Training and coaching staff on different sales techniques and skills

An executive VP usually has some years of experience in their position; thus they know which techniques and skills work best in making sales progress. So, they train and coach their staff on these matters so they can become more effective in making sales progress. 

3 – Managing internal and external teams

Executive Vps usually hire departments that involve marketing and advertising. Since these departments are sometimes directly involved in making sales progress. 

Of course, this is also applicable if there’s a marketing department inside the company already. But due to some reasons, it isn’t sufficient enough in making sales progress. Thus they hire external marketing teams to help them out with regards to this matter. So, this is how they manage internal and external teams.

In the same manner, they also manage their sales team by giving them proper training and coaching, as well as performance reviews. This makes the sales team effective in making sales progress. 

Furthermore, they also manage their sales team’s performance by tracking their progress and giving feedback whenever necessary. 

What are the Requirements for Executive Vp of Sales Job Description? 

To become an Executive Vp of Sales, you must have a lot of qualifications. Below are some of those qualifications:

1. You must have been a Vice President of Sales or with a similar position for at least 5 years.
2. You have vast knowledge about sales and marketing plans and strategies
3. You have good knowledge of sales forecasting and budgeting processes
4. You have excellent leadership skills and interpersonal skills 

Conclusion on Executive Vp of Sales Job Description

As we can see, the Executive Vp of Sales job description isn’t just as simple as it looks. It requires a lot of skills and qualifications to be able to perform them effectively.

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