Executive Vp of Operations Job Description

executive vp of operations job description

The Executive Vp of Operations job description will be studied in this article. What are their different tasks in a company as well as their skills to reach such a job title? 

Let’s find out. 

Introduction about Executive Vp of Operations Job Description

An Executive VP of Operations is an individual that is responsible for operations in a company. They are responsible for all the operations within the respective company.

This position is high in the hierarchy of an organization. Also, it has many responsibilities to ensure that all the operations are efficient.

Responsibilities of Executive Vp of Operations Job Description

One of the main responsibilities of an Executive VP of Operations is to make sure that all the departments within the company are running at their optimum level. They are also responsible for ensuring that the company is profitable.

The Executive VP of Operations job description also includes looking into ways in which they can increase productivity within the company. This way, they can save on costs while increasing productivity. The overall objective here is to increase overall revenue for the company while saving on costs.

They have many other responsibilities apart from these which include ensuring that enough products are being produced. As well as ensuring quality products are being produced, that there are enough workers within the company and so on.

Skill Requirements for Executive Vp of Operations Job 

A person can be considered for this position if they have the following skill below. Let’s have them in detail.

#1. Excellent communication skills.

The Executive VP of Operations will interact with many people in the company. If they are not good at communication, then it will be hard for them to do their job well.

#2. Good management skills.

This is also one of the important skills that an executive VP of operations should possess. They are responsible for managers within the company. So, they should possess the ability to manage the managers.

#3. Good leadership skills.

The Executive VP of Operations will have to lead other members in the company which include managers and direct subordinates too. So, they must have good leadership skills so that they can lead everyone to achieve common objectives.

#4. Business knowledge & experience

The Executive VP of Operations should have both business knowledge and experience to ensure that they can do their job efficiently. This will require them to have experience in managing operations in a company before being promoted to this position.


This article about Executive Vp of Operations Job Description has illustrated what is expected from an executive VP of operations within a company and what are their skills required to get such a job title. 

As seen above, it’s quite hard to get such a position. Because it requires high qualifications and experiences as well as excellent skills. These executives must have excellent leadership skills, good communications skills, good decision-making abilities, and negotiation abilities as well as work well under pressure. 

But, with the right education, proper training, and dedication, for sure you will achieve this position. 

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