Executive Vp of Finance – A Wide Definition

executive vp of finance

Let us have a wide definition of the Executive Vp of Finance. What is their significance to your business? Check out this post.


The Executive Vp of Finance is one of the most powerful positions in a business. They usually serve as the CEO’s right-hand man. 

Compared to other companies, a finance executive is a more important position in a small company. Because the success or failure of the company depends on their financial decisions.

Responsibilities and Duties of an Executive Vp of Finance

An Executive Vp of Finance will always be involved in important financial decisions. Such as approving or denying loan applications, purchasing new assets, investing money in various assets, and organizing financial records. 

Other duties include making sure that the financial statements are accurate. Also, that all employees are following policies and procedures. It is to ensure that all transactions are legal. 

They also have to make sure that regulatory compliance is being followed by business units. Their duties also include reviewing the forecast for a business unit, evaluating profitability, and managing budgets.

Size of an Executive Vp of Finance’s Job

An Executive Vp of Finance is responsible for overseeing all financial activities, especially for large companies. In smaller companies, they will supervise only one department. Such as accounting or finance. 

In larger companies, they oversee departments such as accounting, insurance management, or financial planning. In this position, an executive has to be well organized. Because he has to have sufficient time to work closely with each department head. His duties include:

  • Analyzing the firm’s financial status and make recommendations regarding investments and acquisitions
  • Analyzing accounting reports and checking for errors
  • Coordinating with other departments such as sales and marketing to make sure that sales projects are on schedule and sales goals are met
  • Planning future expenditures
  • Preparing annual budgets
  • Completing financial reports such as income statement and balance sheet
  • Analyzing market trends for future investments
  • Preparing financial reports for the company or a business unit

Education Requirements for an Executive Vp of Finance

The education requirements for an Executive Vp of Finance are usually very high. Most of them have an advanced degree such as a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) or a Ph.D. in Finance. Also, they must be well-versed in accounting and finance

The financial industry is always changing, which means that an executive has to stay current with the latest information and technology. Many schools offer courses and programs that will give them the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful.

Conclusion about an Executive Vp of Finance

An Executive Vp of Finance is a top executive in a company. They are responsible for analyzing and planning a company’s financial matters. The position is very strategic and influential to a firm’s success. 

An executive has to be well-organized and detail-oriented. He has to plan for future expenditures, make sure that accounting records are accurate, make plans for assets, prepare budgets, and analyze market trends.

To ensure that your business is successful, it is important to have a qualified VP of finance. 

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