Executive Vp of American Express – Who Are They?

executive vp of american express

Wherever firm you go, they do have an Executive Vp of American Express. But, who are they? What are their duties in a firm? Are they still relevant in today’s era? 

Let’s find out in this section. 


An Executive Vp of American Express is responsible for carrying out the main strategies of American Express. 

They are the people who are directly involved in the running of a business. Including any business that is being carried out by American Express. 

The Executive Vp is also in charge of managing the company’s resources to achieve its goals. All the lines of businesses are carried out under their administration.

Duties and Responsibilities 

Some various duties and responsibilities are carried out by the Executive Vp. 

Here are some of them: 

1. The Executive Vp is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the firm. Including any products or services that are being offered by American Express. 

2. They are in charge of supporting the strategic plans that are being carried out by American Express. Including the implementation process of these plans. 

3. They also have to support and implement all strategic decisions made by American Express. This includes any changes that need to be made to achieve their goals. 

4. As part of their job, they also need to support and manage all departments that are related to American Express’ operations. All departments that carry out daily operations will be under their supervision and management. 

5. The Executive Vp is also responsible for helping the management board evaluate their performance. Including their performance as part of their job description. 

6. The Executive Vp is also responsible for dealing with legal issues regarding American Express’ operations, including any legal issues regarding employees or customers. They can draw up contracts and can solve disputes between customers and management board members, etcetera. 

7. They will also help set up performance objectives for all departments under them, including setting up goals that need to be achieved on time for them to complete their job successfully every year. 

8. Lastly, they help set up budgets for each department under them. Making sure that they stick to their budgets on time to ensure successful completion on time without having any problems along the way with any department under them. 

Are They Still Relevant in Today’s Era? 

The Executive Vp of American Express is still relevant in today’s era. 

In today’s business world, as well as in the business world many centuries before, no one can run a firm without any support from other departments. And it is the job of an Executive Vp to manage those departments and to help them achieve their goals on time. 

Executive Vp of American Express – Conclusion 

In the current world, the Executive Vice President of American Express is quite important. They continue to play a role in running American Express by overseeing all departments linked to its operations.

As we can see, the Executive Vice President of American Express has a variety of roles and obligations. They are also in charge of carrying out American Express’s major strategies. To fulfill their objectives, they must also manage the company’s resources.

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