Components of Executive Management Systems

executive management systems

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Executive management systems are essential for the governance of social media activities. The goal is to develop a framework, which will give the Executive Management Systems, the power to take control and make decisions related to social media. This process will ensure that it can provide an added value. Also, ensure that it will meet the goals and objectives of the organization. 

The Executive Management Systems can be developed by understanding the goals and objectives of the organization. Then, relating them with the goals and objectives of social media. It is important to understand that, if there is a mismatch between these two, then there will be no success of the social media activities.

Executive Management Systems Components

The following are essential components of Executive Management Systems:

A Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

This is the most important component of the Executive Management System. Once the strategy is developed, it should be shared with all stakeholders of the organization, who are involved in the implementation of social media activities. This will help them to understand their roles and responsibilities in achieving the goal and objectives of the respective social media activity.

Social Media Implementation Plan

This is an essential component of Executive Management Systems because. It lays out what steps need to be taken by whom, when, and where to achieve the goal and objectives of social media activity. It also helps to measure results and identify any gaps that can hinder its progress.

Measurement Plan for Social Media Activity

It is also a very important component of Executive Management Systems. Why? Because it measures a key performance indicator (KPI) for the implementation of social media strategy. This helps an organization to analyze how it can effectively use social media as a tool for business success. KPI can be used as a basis to measure if the implementation plan is effective or not. In addition, KPI can also be used as a basis to improve upon it by analyzing data that was collected from various sources.

Social Media Budget 

This is an important component because, without a proper budget allocation, there will be no assurance that an organization will have enough funds to provide support for social media implementation plans. There must also be a proper evaluation on how much budget will be required to meet its goals and objectives. Why? So that it can have a better idea of how long it will take to reach those goals and objectives.

In addition, this component can also help an organization to identify if any unnecessary activities are being implemented that have no added value but only consume time and money. This also allows them to identify if the current budget allocation for each activity needs adjustment based on the current situation and future needs.

The Business Case for Executive Management Systems

Business cases are necessary components of Executive Management Systems because they justify why an organization needs to implement social media activities and how it will benefit them by doing so. There should be clear descriptions of how social media activities align with its vision and mission statement. As well as corporate values along with other strategic initiatives. Such as corporate branding, corporate communications, customer service, etc. All of these components should demonstrate how social media activities contribute to organizational success. Such as new customers or increased revenue or reduced costs, etc.
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